Check List For NRI Tading A/C


1. PAN Card – It Should be signed by client and attested by any one of given- consulate general/notary public/any court/Magistrate/Judge/local banker in the country where the Non resident resides.

2. Address Proof- Indian & Abroad.

List of address proofs:

a) Passport                                  e) Rent Agreement

b) Driving License                         f) Telephone/Electricity Bill

c) Ration Card                             g) Flat Maintenance

d) Election/Voting card

3. Proof of Demat A/c with NRI status mentioned on it.

4. Saving Bank A/c proof of NRI/NRE/NRO status printed on it required along with cancelled cheque.

5. In case of NRE/ NRI/ a/c PIS- Repatriation letter of bank required.

In case of NRO a/c PIS- Non Repatriation letter of bank required.

6. Full Copy of Passport along with date stamp for the period during which he/she was in India.

7. Financial details proof (Income tax return/six month bank statement/ audited accounts/Net worth certificate by a qualified chartered accountant).

8. Full copy of VISA, if any.

9. In case of NRI all the supporting documents given as proofs along with KYC form should be attested by any one of the following entities – Notary Public, Court, Magistrate, Judge, Local Banker, Indian Embassy / Consulate General in the country where the client resides .For eg If an NRI resides at London then he has to obtain attestation from London official’s only.


  • If the applicant has submitted PIO card (Person of Indian Origin) for trading a/c opening  then in that case we can treat the a/c as NRI a/c or Individual a/c(as per documents given).